Values, Perceptions and bias lessons at Egremont

Students play a game to uncover values and bias
Posted on 02/16/2020
The Bafa Rafa GameMr. Lyte's Grade 6/7 class and Mr. Rupoli's 5/6 class participated in a game called 'Bafa Rafa' at the end of January.  They divided into two countries with a mix of students from each class and then proceeded to learn their countries values, language and customs in the form of a simple game.  After having time to practice, each country sent emissaries to research the other country's practices.  Their goal was to teach their fellow citizens enough about the other country so that they could emigrate successfully.

The game was an eye opener for the students!  In their final debriefing session with both countries, they were able to explain how challenging it was to fit into the new country given their background with their game.  They realized they expected the rules from their country to apply and found it confusing and sometimes frightening when they did not.  Once the underlying values of each country was explained, it made much more sense to them.
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